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Members Of Search and Rescue Team Signi

     Ofunato, Iwate Prefature Japan 3.11

    The Dutch team Signi Search Dogs were among the first of the rescue groups to arrive in Japan immediatly after the earthquake and tsunami hit the Iwate Prefature in March of 2011. For six days Four members and their specially trained dogs tracked dozens of areas marked as possibly containing victims in Northeast Japan.

The group from the Netherlands spent their days searching and when nightfall came they rested in a tent in the garden of a local resident who’s property was spared by the disaster.

Although the team did not manage to find any survivors among the ruble, they recovered 50 bodies that were returned to local authorities for proper identification and burial.

   Local authorities along with Masako and her husband Ted Tanaka helped guide the group around the city to known areas of high population. Homes were marked with paint to narrow the search for victims.

Read more about Team Signi’s experience in Ofunato. Team Signi Website

Hand written messages by members of Team Signi.

Signi's Scanner, Signi's Kazan, Signi's Finder, and Rifka on the airport in Tokyo.

March 17, 2006. Masako sitting in front of the remains of a main entrance doorway.